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Under invitation of the Photography Center of UFRGS, the brazilian documentalist photographer Izan Petterle presents the essay "Brazilian Scenes", which is a part of his work, with pictures taken mainly in the Center-West, North and Northeast geographic regions of Brazil. Izan's photographs portray the expressions, the religiousness, the multiplicity of the dense colors and, above all, the simplicity of the Brazilian people who inhabit those regions. In addition to his masterly accuracy in the photographic 'scene-cutting', he makes excellent documental-journalistic choices in relation to the subjects that he sees, highlights and photographs. His pictures, with dense contrast, have something usually achieved through the use of the black & white language only, that is, a high level of dramaticity. Also, Izan Petterle has great intuition to capture the exact moment when the scene seems to be complete. Besides giving courses and making photographic expeditions around the world, he is one of the main photographers at National Geographic Brasil magazine. He will give a workshop on Documental Photography in the second semester of 2008 at the Photography Center of UFRGS in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Mario Bitt-Monteiro

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